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Kart n' Crazy

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Those of you who have played Mario Kart on any platform will already be acquainted with Kart n' Crazy, an online kart racing game clearly inspired by the Nintendo popular title. View full description


  • Two gaming modes: Speed and Arcade
  • You can play on your own or join a team
  • Excellent gameplay
  • Nice graphics and soundtrack


  • Rare connectivity issues


Those of you who have played Mario Kart on any platform will already be acquainted with Kart n' Crazy, an online kart racing game clearly inspired by the Nintendo popular title.

The first thing I'd like to point out is that this game is completely free: simply register a free account on the developer's webpage, download the client and you're ready to go. As an online game, you may have to download extra patches but it doesn't take long.

Kart n' Crazy definitely met our expectations – and believe me, as a faithful Mario Kart fan, they were high. The game is very funny, features different playing modes to appeal different kinds of gamers and includes also an addictive social component which lets you meet other players and chat with them while speeding along the circuit's bends.

There are two game modes: Speed and Arcade. The first one challenges players to be the fastest on track, while in the second one the aim is to make other players fail on their way to the finishing line by using different weapons you can pick up and use along the race. These weapons are also similar to the ones you find in Mario Kart: the lightning bolt, the turtle, the star that makes you go faster (no bananas though).

Personally, I found the Arcade mode to be much more exciting. I had loads of fun racing and trying to throw other players off the track at the same time. After each race, depending on your position on the final ranking, you're awarded experience points which you can later on use to customize your kart and buy new apparel for your driver.

Now, is there any drawback to this game? Not really. Except the odd connectivity issue (which is reasonable bearing in mind this is the first public release) Kart n' Crazy is an excellent racing game for all ages.

If you like Mario Kart or just kart racing games, you'll love Kart n' Crazy: an online karting game where you can compete against players worldwide to be the fastest pilot in the world – even if you have to kick your competitors off the road!

On the Land of Wonders you will have to be ruthless to take first place. Above all, remember that speeding is compulsory in Kart n' Crazy!

There are different types of races. Speed is classic while Arcade means there will be lots of fun stuff, from speed boosters to missiles so you can shoot your opponents. You can also choose to team up for the next race by choosing one of the team races, with or without items.

See what this amazing game features for you:

  • Free to play
  • Action packed fantasy kart game
  • Available online and multiplayer game modes
  • Customize your own karts and characters
  • Funny explosive items that throw your enemies off course

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